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Ayns y toshiaght va’n Goo

Myr dooyrt Doolish y Karagher ec toshiaght ‘Noo Ean’ dooyrt Edmund Goodwin, ‘sheeu eh dy ynsagh y Ghaelg dy ve abyl dy lhaih ee myr t’ee ry-lhiah ayns Noo Ean.’ Ta shen kiart gyn dooyt as ta shin treishteil dy jean ram sleih goaill taitnys ass yn ynnyd noa vees soilshaghey magh aalid y Vible. Ta’n ynnyd shoh jeant lesh obbyr voish Ffynlo Craine as Phil Kelly as lesh argid voish Culture Vannin.

This website allows people to search the Bible in Manx Gaelic and, it is hoped, allow for a greater understanding of the language from one of the key texts in the development of Manx, the historic language of the Isle of Man.